Distant education in InEUHC

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Dear students!

In connection with the quarantine declared in our country, all educational institutions operate remotely using distance learning technologies. We have made every effort to ensure that you have the opportunity to continue your training under the circumstances.
our teachers are in constant contact with you and are always ready to help. Once in a difficult situation, we are forced to change the usual approach to the organization of the educational process.
To inform you in a timely manner about the specifics of the training format under quarantine, we open on use this resource. Here you can get the most up-to-date information about the learning process, take part in webinars, get access to educational content, including video lectures, electronic manuals, a link to the electronic library, read instructions on working in the distance learning system, and ask questions.
We will make sure that you get a quality education while staying at home. By showing civic responsibility, you are contributing to the speedy return of Kazakhstan to normal life. 
Take care of yourself and your loved ones!